Washington Press Serial Number Location

Can someone illuminate me as to where to look for a serial number on a Washington Press? I work in an archive and we have one which used to belong to the university’s printing office. Would it be cast into the staple? It also seems to be missing some type of medallion at the top of the staple, just below the “Washington Press” words. Would it have been there?

Thanks! She’s a grand old thing, that press is.


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Can you illuminate me as to where the press is and what manufacturer? Hoe Washington presses almost all have the serial number cast on the front of the head. Shniedewend’s Reliance Washington presses have the number stamped into the machined front face of the upper toggle bearing on the head. Most other makers didn’t bother putting a serial number on their presses.

I maintain a database of hand presses located in North America and I want to be sure this press is included. If you would contact me with information, through the Briar Press email system, I can help with your question and also make sure the press is recorded properly, to join the over 1200 hand presses presently recorded.