I told myself I wouldn’t do this….

Help in finding Heidelberg parts supplier.

I have sent 2 emails to each of the companies below asking for pricing on parts for my 12 x 18 Heidelberg so I can get it up and running.
I have received NO RESPONSE from any of them!!
First contact was through web site, second was a direct email.
This is very frustrating!

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I have waited 2 weeks from the first email and 1 week from the second.

Does anyone have another supplier that is reliable, I can contact for these parts? Some are rather obscure parts.

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Ben Jones is reliable



I have had two good experiences with Whittenburg. Each time I contacted by phone.

I may have to go the phone route,
Just thought it would be less work to send the information email.
Still you would think I would get some sort of response from somebody.

whittenburg is good. their email response is sometimes a delay. just call. they will help help you as much as anybody.
I very recently emailed pics of parts i needed, i got “Oh yeah, you’re the one who sent those”. they are a cheerful group, but getting old. if you ask, they may send you a parts book. their book is in full color, ENGLISH, and shows the parts individually. it covers “S”, “K”, and windmill models in one book.
Pressworx has given me very “sterile” response and really no assistance.

I’ve had decent experiences with Demers, but you need to call them. I don’t recall much in the way of email interaction.

Delt with Whittenburg before. Good people, went way out of their way to help. You’re better off calling them though. Depending how busy they are you may have to leave a message with the receptionist, but they will get back to you.