2017 and the revival of letterpress

In 2016 I have written a master thesis about the contemporary letterpress with the title: “Letterpress and its Revival”. Hope 2017 will be a much better year for all of us and letterpress, happy new year to all the letterpress lovers.

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And to you as well Konurk. Is your thesis posted for reading? I would like to do that.

What America needs is a good revival!

Or can you scan it to a PDF and either email it or put it where it can be read and/or downloaded? I also would be very interested in reading it.


Would love to read you work. Please post or set up a link if posssible.
Thx, Happy New Year.
Steve V.

Thanks for the comments, unfortunately it’s written in Turkish. When I have time to translate it to English, ofcourse I’ll share it with foreign letterpress communities too.
Turkish thesis can be download from this link:

author search name: Konur Koldaş

happy new year to all…

Konur — my son who is fluent in Tartar, Turkish descent right?, may be able to do that … I will check!


they are from the same language family, but as I know, they are quite different. the best thing I’ll do is to translate it to english I think. more than 100 pages will take time, but sharing is good.

I would look forward to that — and sorry for the typo, that should have read : “who is fluent in Tatar”

blessings and ink in this New Year