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Sorry your having issues with NA.

Have you tried calling fritz directly?

He is usually very responsive over the telephone.

This post is highly suspect. NAgraphics has helped way too many people. Have you even bothered to talk to him before posting this?

Fritz is the only direct supplier for a great many letterpress items, and has helped just about every active member of this community out with supplies and knowledge. A lot of the stuff he sells only exists today because he custom orders it directly from manufacturers and that takes a while.

Being a small operation in a heavily populated niche with requests coming in from all over the world means it also takes a while to get back to people.

In my experience, if you need to get a hold of someone quickly (this goes for anyone, but especially niche vendors) and value your time and theirs, skip the emails, pick up the phone and call them.

Sam, one of the most reliable people to do business with is Fritz! It might not be overnight delivery, but it’s always arriving, whatever you order from him. Attacking someone on this forum like you’re doing is not very polite either! There are plenty of alternatives for tympan material, Melinex or Mylar is a great substitute…

Please let this post develop to a support of the great and invaluable support Fritz/NA-Graphics is doing for the world of letterpress.
Gott grüß die Kunst from Denmark

Nothing was said about what kind of press the tympan paper is for. Someone just recently offered a large quantity of .006 Miehle vertical tympan pre-cut and it looks to be large enough for almost any other kind of press. As a stop-gap that would probably fill the need. But the suggestion of Mylar is also good — your local art supply store probably has that in stock.


F. A. O… S/M/C.! Perhaps before even sourcing your needs from a long way away, and then throwing your Diapers/Soother out of your Cot because it did not go quite according to plan.
As there are several Well Informed Letterpress Guys in Oz, who would almost certainly have given you some Good Info, maybe even like, Visiting your local Art Shop, (as implied above ?) Perhaps 2 spits and a F**T around the block.

Even if Mylar in long enough length is NOT available *KRAFT* style wrapping paper @ many metres long, and several widths, inc., makes excellent Tympan, Top Sheet, Draw sheet, etc. O.K. not exactly oiled Manilla, but virtually as strong, i.e.used frequently as standby, (U.K.) on Vandercook, proof presses, and particularly on Glockner/Mercedes cylinders, and in the case of the Glockner ! the drawbar/tensioner was/is powerful anyway, normally only cranked up with, (approx.) 8” Tommy Pin, slightly longer than the equivalent V.M. *Tommy Pin*

The draw sheet (even with that comparatively light pressure) and with *KRAFT* style wrapping paper as top sheet, the exposed length, (`tween the cylinder and the draw bar) ends up tighter, than *Vellum/Skin* on a Banjo.

Perhaps look up *Synthetic* Banjo (head) skin/covering, big time *Mylar*, as implied above, (A.L.P. ?)


Knock of the odd *ROO* and pair the skin down.!!!

If >Ned Kelly< could make Armour out of Plough/Plow Shares, surely Draw Sheets from *Roo* skins should be a doddle.?

Fritz no need to put a check in the post, Our Adana Caslon appreciate Your efforts. We believe… Mick


Its worth bringing up again. A few months ago I posted the following about Fritz. Here is the link to see it again.
Its all good!

The Printing Museum in Wellington N.Z. has both tympan and PET (Mylar if you insist on brand names). What size do you want? [email protected]. Postage to Oz is curiously almost the same as domestic.

The last order of windmill tympan from NA took awhile. I used to order them from Unisource, and before that I made my own from a roll of tympan we had in the shop. That worked fine for the C&P, but was a pain for the windmill. It can be done in a pinch. BarPlate is a good supplier, you can buy 1 tympan sheet if you want. Good board supplier. I still prefer Fritz when I can get ahold of him.

Never had a problem ordering from NA Graphics. Fritz always a big help over the phone.Just call! Or you could try American Printers Supply, they have tympan precut for table-top presses on up to the big presses. But by any means should Fritz be thrown under the bus!