Best way to clean?

Hello All,
I’m looking for the best way to clean some of my recent scrap buy find’s. I’ve used flitz and denatured alcohol so far. Thanks for any advice. Eric

image: cleaning.jpg


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Letterpress Things has something:
Polishing/Cleaning Block: Ideal for type and icons, brass, copper and metal plates. Removes ink and grime, restores surfaces to pristine printing condition.
I have not tried it myself, but it looks interesting.


Perhaps, check out *Ultrasound Cleaning*.
way back, when L/press & Hot metal was King, >Ultrasound< was used for cleaning items as above, NOT intended for such, normally for Coins and similar, (metal detector finds). etc.

Plus look up >Cilit Bang)<? Well documented for North America, different name, perhaps,…If the spiel regarding the Coins, holds good.!!.

I have cleaned up a few line cuts with toothpaste and an old electric brush. Just go easy rinse well and dry add some light oil to store.


Paint stripper can be used and use a natural bristle brush.

Nylon brushes and metal polish are not always a good thing especially on copper halftone plates

I suspect that some of the grunge on a few of those pieces is oxidation, which when removed will leave a corroded and pitted surface.


Thanks for the all the info!

Worth noting that a simple gentle grade toothbrush with toothpaste will also do a very good job of removing oxidation. I like to use Arm and Hammer Baking Soda toothpaste.

When you’re done you can clean the toothpaste off with a little water, but be sure to dry the pieces quickly.

Another thing I’ve found to work is a good soak in brasso polish followed by a toothbrush cleaning. This will polish it up nicely as well.