Roller adjustment on Golding Pearl #11

I’m having trouble adjusting the rollers on my Golding press. It has three rollers with delrin trucks. They roll on the disc but then slide down the rails in front of the chase either turning unreliably or not turning at all. Any ideas about this?

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Make sure your rails and trucks are totally clean and dry. If you’re not getting any resistance between the rails and trucks then try dusting the rails with a rosin bag.

Keep up posted.


Check also to be sure the rollers turn freely in the hooks — many times those are either dry or worn to the extent that the journals can’t rotate freely. With the press wide open and the rollers all the way down, put a drop of quality oil in each hook against the core, then run the press up and down by hand a few times to work the oil into the bearing. Check also to be sure those hooks and roller core journals are clean before oiling — a little dirt will also give the symptoms.


3 possibilities for helping or solving the situation,

(A) quoted quite often, (and above) really tiny amount of *Rosin* on the Rails to give more traction, Rosin, as in Violin bow use.?

(B) as generally, there is none, or inadequate means to lubricate the Steel Stocks of the Rollers in the hooks, it is the simplest operation, to cut/punch out tiny Discs, as Washers positioned just inboard of the Hooks/Saddles, (on the Stocks) to act as very “slow burn”, lubrication.

Disc,s/Washers made from FELT remnants, Ex Haberdashery store OR *Felt Hats* Ex Boot Sale, Rummage sale, or W.H.Y. Stateside.??

(C) It is not exactly *Rocket Science* to acquire a fisher-mans spring balance, and check the effectiveness of ALL of the springs in the entire Roller Train, i.e. with the rollers held in one positive position,!! read off, every spring tension, at say 3” pull, reading the poundage on the spring balance, will give a passable idea of compression, on the springs, >overall< and >one against the other<, indicating change, replace, etc., etc., … Mick.

Do the trucks roll freely on the roller cores (shafts)? If they do, you will have to stop this. There needs to be some way of keeping the trucks from turning freely on the cores.

Let us know whether this is the case or not, and if so, we can give you some recommendations to stop it.

You could also use roller bearers or even some 12 pt. rule mounted vertically in the furniture and longer than the vertical height of the forme. You will have to cut away the makeready and/or tympan to avoid heavy ink waste.