Embossing + Hot Stamping in one run


I’ve read somewhere that it’s possible to do hot stamping and embossing in the same run.

There is a company that shows this option, but I can’t see how it can be achieved.


Any thoughts?

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Brass cup die aka Combination die
The paper/stock is pushed into the cup by the counter shaped and stamped and the outside edges are where the foil stops
With CNC equipment engravers are able to make these dies and counters less expensive than in the past.

if you understand the make up of an embossing die, then it is taken a step further.
The die material around the image of the emboss is cutaway leaving a very thin border. this allows the complete emboss image to be produced, yet relieved as to not transfer foil where it is not wanted.
This is a cheaper way to produce foil and emboss. the process can be seen in the greeting card industry. there is always a slight border of foil around the emboss. it will often look a bit fuzzy, as higher heat, higher pressures, and a “loose” foil are often needed or used to obtain complete coverage within the emboss area.
The process can be used to satisfy lower quality demands, for a lower cost.
The main issues or trade-off’s are: The fuzzy border and, If the image produces a wrinkle in the stock, at say, a corner, there is not a lot that can be done to correct it. the fact that there is no die there to help control the paper pressure.
Any competent die maker can make this for you. ask for a “combination”, foil-emboss, die and counter