Heidelberg S adjustment help needed

I hope I’m identifying the Heidelberg Cylinder press correctly as an “S” model.

I have a slight problem that’s really annoying me. When I run the press beyond 2800 IPH the pull fingers lose grip on the paper.

For me, not knowing the exact term, the pull fingers take the paper across the transport table into the registration mechanism.

First off, they are a PIA to get even but that’s not the problem. The problem is that the suckers are still on top of the paper when they start to pull down the table. For the first 1/2” (12mm) or so the suckers are still in the down position on the paper. I adjust the height of the sucker arm as best as possible to minimize friction and still get the paper into the pull fingers.

So, how would I adjust the timing of this?

I have looked at the mechanism and know it’s driven by an offset “wheel” inside a device that pushes and pulls the rack and pinion which operates an arm that pushes the pull fingers back and forth.

So, I’ve got that far and saw no timing adjustments.

ny help appreciated.

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if you are running a “stiffer” card stock, the suckers will prob drag on the sheet. there is a set of cams, inside the press. you can see them when there is no stock in the feeder.they are up high on the machine,(right behind the front paper guides in the feeder section) and all on one shaft that runs the total width of the press.
can you reach in with a larger set of “channel lock pliers”, grab onto the shaft and turn it either way at all? there should be little free play there.if there is, then there is most likely, a bad pin and or key, in a gear, inside the cover, on the gear side of press. it is a rather involved job to replace about 5 bucks worth of parts.

There’s almost no play there.

It doesn’t matter what the stock is, I run into the same problem. The pulling fingers are pulling before the suckers start to come up.

So, is there no adjustment for timing? I know these things are pretty well engineered and tolerances are pretty spot on but most everywhere I’ve had to adjust there’s been “some” adjustment. Sometimes it is so obscure that I overlook it a few times but the adjustment was still there.

I was wondering about the two weird things on that big gear that drives the shaft you mentioned. One odd thing was the giant screwdriver slot on the end of the shaft. The other was the suspicious bolt in the gear. I was wondering if those two items, somehow, correlate to an adjustable mechanism.

Looking low to mid frame, just to the left of the electrical box, should be the press number. It will start with “KS” or “S”. (operator side, near the “Brush, or Forme Adjustment”, if you have one) it will be on a machined side surface, where it looks like the cylinder frame attaches to the main frame.
from memory, the large screwdriver slot is for a counter-sunk end cap that holds the gear on. the bolt, i will look into. there is more than one gear. sending, or posting pics will help put us all on the same page.

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