Hot foil options question

I get asked for white ink on dark paper often. I have decided to look into foil options. I have been looking at Kwikprint machines and what they can do. I have also seen Aamstamp produces a small manual foil machine that can do a 4x5 inch area and can be converted to air as an upgrade.
Does anyone out there have any experience dealing with these machines or their clones or opinions on what they are capable of. I think a 4x5 large enough to meet my requirements 99% or the time.
Any thoughts appreciated.

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We had a special white ( they called it snow white) ink made by Gans here is Anaheim California. It is an intensified white opaque white ink used by a few letterpress shops. We cut it with 10-20 % silver. It worked Ok with mid dark colors and looks a little blueish. Dark Navy Blue and Black stock not so great. We have also used it as our mix color on a few jobs calling for opaque white to create a light color with good opacity. If is worth trying. Foil does work a lot better.

What about engraving the image. I have had great success with white on dark stocks. The image cannot contain large solids. Marty