Those from days of yore!

Hello! Can anyone identify these gorgeous type and if so, PLEASE tell me if I can somehow complete it?!

Thank you!
jen :)

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Gotta link? Or a photo?

I am having no luck…I will send html

image: modern.jpeg.png


Okay, if this doesn’t work…I am going to have to give up! Thanks for trying! jen


image: modern.jpg


Possibly Bookbinders Type? it appears to be coated with the remnants of Gold Leaf, maybe. - With a minute drop of metal polish rub the side of one letter to expose *BRASS* or lead.
Just a possibility for further investigation.!
Does it appear to be type height? .918, does it appear to have a *Nick* at front edge, as with conventional type.?
If it should prove to be Brass & Bookbinders (remote chance) when most of the Lead type was being scrapped, Brass Type tended to be retained for posterity, Good Luck.?

Looks like you have at least one of every character in a cap font except punctuation. It looks pretty deeply cut to me, like many European faces, and the dipthongs also may make it European, as American types seldom have them. If it is foundry type there may be an identifying pinmark on one side of each letter that would tell what foundry made it.


You might have a couple of different fonts mixed up together. The font is a sans serif, but one of the OE dipthongs is a serif face. Also, some of the letters look to be more condensed than others. Of the 4 “P”s, the two in the middle look to be more condensed (narrower) than the outer ones. The shiniest “R” looks to be more extended (wider) than the one next to the “Q”

The type does look like it might be brass.

Geoffrey, Thank you for the little Nod Re *Brass* I am happy to take the heat if it is wrong assessment, perhaps the following is off the mark as well, apologies to Jen 3, in advance, but in the absence of lower case, could it be a *Titling* font (caps only), which might tie in with bookbinders use, with for example, Bound Volume and Gold-leafed copy of, AESOP,S Fables as likely candidate.

Dipthong appears to have been used.!

In *Titling* format we have seen here U.K. alternative characters, as in Long Tailed R.s and Short tailed R,s, etc., etc.

Perhaps one of the Forum Members, could post a comprehensive resume, from U.S. perspective regarding *TITLING* fonts with alternative characters, for the benefit of the New Devotees, (author,s) apologies if this has been covered before.

Thanks all…! I will post if I find out the exact type! Thank you!