National Press Registry?

In addition to owning a hobby shop, my 9-5 is a UI Designer. I am interested (if enough people would be as well) to put together an interactive national registry of presses—with the option to expand upon it at a later date.

I deal with large amounts of data on a daily basis at my company, and would love to try to put together something that could tie all of us together, showing where all of us are (roughly), and what types of presses we are running, as well as links to our work.

Please excuse me if this already exists. I just couldn’t find anything through my own research.

I’ve come across lists of presses/shops, but haven’t seen a data visualization of it anywhere.


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Hi Ashley,

You might check out:

There’s no real data visualization there… mostly just geolocating based on a skinned google map.


Letterpress commons is the closest to what you are thinking of, but something more comprehensive (and user friendly) would be quite wonderful.

Briar Press also supports the International Registry of Private Presses. There is a lot of data there as well. Take a look at it.