fitting press through doorway

Old Style Chandler & Price 8x12 — can the wheels be removed to fit this size press through a doorway? I have the perfect spot for this press but wonder how to get it into my house.

My doorway appears to be 36” wide — press is on a 40”palette and the wheels make it even wider.

Thanks for any information!!

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The main shaft can be removed by pulling the small gear off the shaft and that reduces the width of the press significantly. It’s really quite easy to do that.

By removing the feed and paper tables, this press can be easily ‘walked’ through a 36” doorway - without removing flywheels, gears, et al. Now, before the naysayers kneejerk, just do it. :o)

Yeah, a standard 8x12 ought to fit through a 36” opening, but sometimes you see an extra-long drive shaft for a right-hand drive pulley, and that would need to be removed. If so, search here for help “removing pinon gear”.