The Mayan Calendar

Some years back there was quite a stir about the Mayan Calendar forecasting the end of the world in 2012. My office manager at the time, Barney, bought into that and firmly believed that he better get ready. Then I found out that the author of the book that caused all this was a fellow named John Major Jenkins, and that seemed to be a familiar name, and sure enough, there was a J. M. Jenkins in our customer list of letterpress printers. And in subsequent conversations with John, I found out he was a letterpress printer/author and that the book he wrote on his research on the Mayan calendar had taken off and was a best seller. When I told Barney that the end of the world author was buying supplies and was not personally getting ready for the end, I think Barney was actually disappointed. John died earlier this month at age 53 and his equipment is currently listed for sale here on Briar Press. He lived in Windsor, Colorado.

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Yes, John was looking at purchasing a Kelsey Union foot treadle Press when he stopped by my shop and took a look at mine. He was certainly an engaging and interesting fellow.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press