Steam Roller Prints

My former neighbor and fellow printer, George Chapman, who now lives in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, sent me this link to a steam roller print event that just happened:

and the neat thing about this one is that they used a real steam powered roller to make the prints. It was part of the Old Threshers Reunion that happened this past weekend. This is a very popular weekend with thousands of people attending what is basically a celebration of restored steam powered equipment, from a steam powered narrow gauge railroad, to many steam powered tractors and related equipment. I have been there several times including a Ladies of Letterpress event held in the Printer’s Hall. I melt in the Iowa humidity, but a great place. And George’s house is two blocks from the Amtrak station so getting there is relatively painless as an overnight train trip from Colorado.

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Great stuff — thanks for the share, Fritz! I also really like the Old Threshers grounds, including seeing old presses powered by steam, and lots of other neat things. I passed through there on the East-bound train in late July and really wanted to get off and stay a while.