Need help! Broken C&P tabletop platen press.

I just broke my machine and I need some help from you.

I have C&P table top press for over 6 years and I print quite a lot. My machine needed more adjustment these last two years.
I was printing about A2 size cards but The back bar snapped all of the sudden.

My machine already had a few repaired welded spots from the previous owner and the area I cracked tonight was near the welded area. The middle of the bar just cracked.

The machine needed me to put about 10-15 pieces of paper on the right side but no paper or 1-2 sheets on left side under the tympan paper. So I guess something needed to be adjusted from the beginning. But it prints fine when I adjust paper below.

I must have put too much paper on the right side. Today’s printing felt little heavy.

I am wondering if somebody knows a place to fix my machine in Brooklyn or New York, New Jersey, Long Island area. (I live in Brooklyn)

Can this machine be fixed?
I love this machine and I print all the time this machine is part of me…
I just feel so guilty of what I did wrong.

If anybody know what to do, who I should contact, please send me contact info.

Thank you for reading and hope you all have Happy Thanksgiving!!!

image: image.jpeg


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Here’s some more photos

image: image.jpeg


image: image.jpeg


image: image.jpeg


image: image.jpeg



So sad.

I am not familiar with that particular piece. It looks like a good clean break and should be easy to repair. I think you can remove the piece and send it to Tom Kartes for repair. I am pretty sure that he will be in touch with you to offer his service. It would really be best if he had the whole press and could make sure the repaired piece fits well, but shipping the whole press back and forth is a bit expensive.

You might, or might not find a local machine and welding shop that can do the work, but they are probably not familiar with the press.

Your comments on the amount of packing required tells me that something was out of adjustment. That may have caused the piece to break.

I have only one student and have not seen her for several months. I probably have no students. I am lonely in the shop.

Judy joins me in sending you and Spag Happy Thanksgiving.


Hi Bob!

I was hoping that you see this images. Thank you so much for your help and I am so sorry that I harmed this press… I love this press and it becomes part of my life so I hope I can save him. It happened all the sudden tonight but Spag and I felt that the machine started to look twisted little by little lately. Somehow, the right side of the machine seems more down and left side was more up. I know something is not right but I didn’t stop since I was printing so many for custom order cards and holiday cards… my huge huge mistake!

I might put little more packing on the right side (and no paper on left side under the tympan paper) caused this problem, I think.

I am going to ask Tom about the parts and also research some place near here as well.

I’ve been selling my cards at craft events lately and I have another show coming right after Thanksgiving… will manage somehow and hope I am able to find the way fix this hardworking machine :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Judy from me and Spag!


We can repair your broken Pilot yoke. We have done several of these repairs with great success in returning the Pilot press, both Old Style and New Style, to satisfactory operation. I will call Spag Wednesday AM and walk him through the disassembly process. After that send us the broken part and we will create a repair suitable to return the press to service. Without a doubt check your platen adjustment. We recommend type high plus 0.050” at six places. John Falstrom at Perennial Designs sells a nice gauge for setting up one’s press platen. It is a dandy tool and well worth the investment.


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Hi Tom!

Thank you so so much for the huge help!!!
Spag told me about he contacted you tonight and my day turned out to be a good day ! :) He is going to send you more pictures tomorrow. Few spots have welded areas/broken areas in front and back.

I am not familiar with platen adjustment… I tried not to adjust or change the press. I am going to get the gauge for setting and is going to make sure no more mistake to my press. I need to learn about more mechanic side of my press from now on.

Again, thank you so much for your help!!!
Bob, The Arm press both told me that T&T press is the one I should contact ! You are the best !!!

We are going to take more picture and send to you !

Thank you so much !!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Terri and all your family !

Best Regards,

If you are wondering just how this story ended… The yoke was removed from the press and sent to us for repair. The paint was removed and the two parts examined. The original repair was sound. The two halves were lightly brazed together to simply hold them in the proper alignment. The back side was milled out just enough to allow the splint to nest with full contact on both sides. Counter sunk holes were drilled and the steel splint was tapped to accept the cap screws. All the while the 5/8” shaft was held it place to aid in maintaining alignment. The end result enabled the yoke to be reinstalled without trouble. After the platen was adjusted to type high plus the customary 0.050” all was well and printing has resumed. Possible root cause for yoke failure… a crack that grew from first repair stress. The platen was significantly out of adjustment, side to side.


image: Repaired Yoke3.jpg

Repaired Yoke3.jpg

image: Repaired Yoke2.jpg

Repaired Yoke2.jpg

image: Repaired Yoke.jpg

Repaired Yoke.jpg

image: Broken yoke.jpg

Broken yoke.jpg