Fred ullmer press

Hi a friend of mine has come across a fred ullmer press in a building he’s knocking down he wanted to sell it it’s in very good condition have pictures was wondering who to contact to sell

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Pictures of press

Yes, Post a picture. I’m sure quite a number of us are interested.


I seem to recall Fred’K Ullmer as a rebuilder of presses rathert than an initial maker, but maybe that changed over years. I have seen ’ Fredk’ like that, missing the ‘eric’ engraved on brass rebuild plates here in the UK. Ulllmer definitely a UK firm, cannot now recall where, faint memory of back alley off Fleet Street … or was it ‘up North; somewhere … ….

Almost all the Albion presses by Ullmer that are recorded in the North American Hand Press Database have the name cast in raised letters on the staple, so I would assume they were either building the presses themselves or having another manufacturer put their name on them. I am sure they re-sold other makers’ presses as well.