Windmill doesn’t suck (enough)

Have done obvious checks, hoses tight, filter on pump clean, filter on valve clean. Has anyone taken this pump apart and figured out how to improve suction side? Sure wish there was an accurate exploded view of these machines. Any help most appreciated. I have A/B compared suction on this to two other presses and it is definitely weaker.

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If it is a vane pump the vanes could be worn or scored, causing them to leak. But I don’t know what type of vacuum/air pump you have. With the vane pumps the vanes are usually a piece of graphite in a slot on the rotor, and you can replace the vanes by disassembling the pump, but if dirt has been imbedded in them it may also have scored the face of the pump wall, and that is harder to repair.


Not a vane pump. Piston with rings in a metal cylinder, felt oil pad on top, one way valves for pressure. Have it apart, gasket destroyed- replacements available Not finding anything I can do to increase suction.

other than cleaning pump top and bottom, if you made sure no air hoses are cracked or loose, only other thinggs are to get compressed air and blow out all lines and sucker bar then if still weak order a new set of piston rings for pump. Changing the rings is extremely rare though so make sure all lines are clear and have no leakage.

swapped pumps, now feeds properly with plenty of suction. don’t think it is the rings as there would be reduced pressure as well. still mulling this over. thanks!

After cleaning the filter, did you try blowing through it? I had to buy new filter because I couldn’t get it clean.