UK - Ajax Major needs tlc

A rare Ajax Major in need of tlc has come up on eBay UK which may be of interest to UK readers. The press is seized and might take a bit of work.

A rather long link

image: ajax_major.jpg


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Ajax Major, hopefully the buyer can re-instate it to working condition.!!
But in any case, even if it never rises from the ashes providing it can be seen just working (with or without rollers and chase) it is and would be an asset as a teaching aid, BECAUSE it is, in table top form an example of parallel approach,
Side by side with any table top Adana or similar, Learners, Novices, etc., can observe the benefits of *Parallel Approach*

(Author) I use an Ajax master for this very reason.

Considerable amount of info on the *Web*

Even without actual reference to the parallel approach aspect, the piston (in both cases - Major & Master) gives the clue(s)

I have somewhere a few Ajax bits and pieces, not complete press, free to any good UK home. Collection only, and I’ve got to dig it out first!

What part of the UK are you?