Chandler and Price Dodson

I am trying to run the press I just bought I’m having some trouble. When the lever is pushed away from me, the machine runs perfectly but obviously won’t leave an impression.
As soon as I pull the lever toward me the paper and base touch and then the whole machine stops. I have no idea how to fix it so an advice will help!

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First how much packing is in the presss?

Second have you ever adjusted the platen bolts?

Third, is the form type-high? You might have the wrong thickness of plate for that base.

Definitely sounds like the press is binding up on impression. Remove the form and remove all the packing. Run the press by hand and see if it is still binding. Then use the process of elimination (add one thing at a time: form, packing, etc.) to see where the problem is actually coming from.


I’ve adjusted the packing and bolts. The press works great when the throw off lever is in the position to not make an impression. As soon as I pull the throw off lever toward me to make the impression, the impression is made and then the wheel completely stops. So I would have to restart the machine before each print. I have no idea how to fix it. Also when I run the press by hand it does the same thing. Impression, then wheel stops. I have to push the throw off lever away, start turning the wheel again, then pull the throw off lever toward me to make an impression then the wheel stops again…

Are the grippers clear of all parts of the form?

Is the platen adjusted so far forward that the ink roller tracks are hitting the bed?

As Brad said, run by hand ‘til you fell resistance and then check to see what is binding