Photopolymer Plate Longevity

I’m wondering, if stored properly, how long one can expect photopolymer plates to last/still print well? If they don’t have any noticeable cracks, bends or defects, is there something inherent in the plastic that will degrade the image over time? I’m asking because I recently noticed on Boxcar’s site that they say their plates should last for a year. This surprised me because I’m still printing with some plates that are quite a bit older than that. I do short runs, so probably none of my plates have been used for more than 1,000 impressions at most. I do sometimes have less than stellar printing results, but had been blaming that on my lack of expertise, or on the ink used that day (some of that is pretty old too), or arrangement of the planets, etc. So just would like to know from those of you who use photopolymer what your opinions are on this. Thank you!

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I have some metal backed polymer plates still mounted that are 30 years old at least. Recently I put a 4page down on to honey combe mount and printed them on my Miehle Vertical and they were as good as the day they were made. The only problem that occurred was a corner of the double sided tape had dried out. Aluminium backed plates are almost imposible to lift and re-lay. These plates I have are almost certainly the old alcohol developed type. Picture shows 3 30 year old polymers with a space where one was lifted

image: IMG_9012_resized.JPG