Hammond Ben Franklin TrimOSaw

I recently purchased a Hammond Ben Franklin TrimOSaw. I am looking for someone who has one and would be willing to answer a few specific questions about this model. I do have some pieces of documentation on Hammond saws in general, but no manual specifically for the Ben Franklin model.

John Johnson

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What are your questions?


From the accessories list, I found the part SA-470 (Batter & Line-Up Gauge). The one on my saw does not move on the rod. The set screw is missing so I presume it is just frozen from lack of use over the years. I will soak it with Liquid Wrench to see if I can gently get it free. On the left end of this part is the Batter Gauge Dial. Can you describe exactly how this is used? In the attached photo there is a knob with hash lines. It doesn’t seem to move. Is this a stop that is used to hold the selected Batter Gauge Dial in the selected position? How is it meant to operate?

On the left side of the saw table there is a bar that pivots. Attached are photos of the bar in three positions. What is this bar for?

image: Part SA-470.JPG

Part SA-470.JPG

Photos of the bar

image: Bar2.jpg


image: Bar3.jpg


image: Bar.jpg


The batter gauge is used with the mitering attachment. I haven’t done this, but I think you set the dial to the thickness of border rule, then butt against it before cutting. And you’d be doing one of the cuts face down, maybe cutting the rule to final length first.

Hi, I have the use of a Funditor Saw here in the UK and the batter bar is very similar. I cut the rules to length first and then mount the mitre block to the side guage then set the rule thickness and cut the mitres. On the Funditor the instructions are printed on a plate attached to the mitre block, which was very useful for me. I won’t be in the workshop now until next week, so I will take some photos and post them late next week if that helps.

image: IMG_9040.JPG


Thanks, Frank. The photos would be great. John