Part for a 10x15 Windmill


I purchased a 10x15 Heidelberg in December, I went to print a two colour job using the guides and the registration bar wouldn’t lift to catch the paper. After noticing this I checked to make sure all the guide mechanisms were engaged, from there I went about cleaning the press and found after further investigation that a part in behind the wheel (T0450/1a) was cracked off and a spring (T0455) that was further down on the mechanism was missing. These parts work together to lift the registration bar and It seems when the previous owner had the press moved it was damaged in the process. I managed to take the T0450/1a off and had it welded and now I’m in the process of trying to find the T0455 spring. I am wondering if anyone knows of a distributor for this part or a alternative spring that might work? Im located in Newfoundland, Canada and I’m having a hard time trying to find this spring. I greatly appreciate any help with this matter.



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Have you called Heidelberg? I know they are expensive, but it is probably your quickest way to get back up and running.

if you are in the USA, Whittenberg can help. They are Very pleasant to work with. Unless there is a special bend, or strength-to-diameter, you prob find something usable at a good hardware store. If not you can try “Mc Master Carr”. Do Whittenberg first.

Found the spring I needed in the UK, thanks everyone for the help!

If you ever need other parts for your press you can check out Don Black Linecasting in Toronto.