Pearl #3 gears

There have been quite a few discussions in the past about replacing the gears on a Pearl press but I would like to start a new one. Does anyone have replacement gears for a Pearl #3 or know a machinist willing to make them?
I did take the gears off last year and brought the gears to a local company in Loveland CO. They were not willing to remake the large one for me saying it wasn’t worn enough and it would be too expensive. They did remake the small gear and said it would fix the problem. It did not.
If anyone have recently had luck in replacing the large gear of a Pearl #3 please let me know.

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To go back a step if you would, could you tell us what the problem is that you are having….thanks.

Hi Geoffrey,
It’s the same issue outlined here.
Loud clanking sound when operating the press. If you watch the video it sounds just like that but perhaps a little louder. I am sure its the gears because I have tried everything else.
Please help.

It is possible that in remaking the smaller gear they duplicated it at a worn dimension. Golding sold replacement pinion gears back in the day and advertised that replacement of that gear and the accompanying shaft would extend the life of the machine.