Challenge 193HBE Paper Cutter

I know this isn’t a press, but it’s the paper cutter I use with all of my equipment. Hoping maybe someone has one here also?

I was cutting with it (Challenge 193HBE Hydraulic Paper Cutter) yesterday - haven’t had any issues with it before. I had done 3 cuts and then all of a sudden I can’t get the blade or clamp to go down.

When I press both the red buttons to activate it to cut, nothing happens. I tried doing the reset switch beneath the right button but that didn’t do anything either.

I included a photo of the cutter also.

Any ideas?

image: papercutter.png


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check for a fuse in the main power box

I did test the fuse and it’s still good. I’m worried it may be the wiring in one of the buttons but I’m not sure to test for that.