Restore JARDINE 13 x 9 - platen press


I’m a french letterpress printer running two heidelberg windmill. Last year, i recovered a “Jardine” 1920 platen press. I try to restore it…
I have some question about it:
- is someone have pictures of a Jardine 13 x 9 already restored ?
- The rails are tissue, do you know with what material to replace them ? (photo)

Thanks !

image: Tissue rails

Tissue rails

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In the UK the Arab platen had leather bands for the rails and then packed with paper or card to bring the rollers up to the correct height, I would imagine the Jardine would be the same, however I would imagine there are synthetic alternatives.
Good luck with the restoration.

Usually seen with LEATHER, around 1/8” thick, sourced from Equestrian centre or better yet, Livery stables, second hand tack, but always well treated with Dubbin or Saddle soap, gives good traction for the Rollers along the Rails.*

*Occasionally helped with a tiny amount of *Rosin* between the trucks and rails - Straps usually seen anchored at the bottom, and sprung tensioned at the top.

No result for up and running M/c. shots apologies.

I used magnetic strips to get my rails to the desired height. Magnetic strips are hard and don’t get squished from the rollers. It’s available in several thicknesses. I don’t know what thickness you need but maybe you find something suitable.

Thanks for your answer. NEwbie472842, good idea the magnetic strips ! I Will try it.