Heidelberg speed/belt adjustment

Our 10 x 15 windmill just developed a new sound: when it’s started up, the motor mount rattles loudly. On inspection, it seems like what’s happening is that the two sides of the belt pulley, that should adjust the speed, aren’t moving. The crank that would normally adjust the press speed seems to just move freely.

Does anyone have an idea where I should start to troubleshoot this?

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well, to start. is the motor flopping around? Is the belt all the way out to the outer diameter and press running at top speed? is the piece pictured turning and moving the motor back and forth, thus moving the belt tension?

image: Windmillspeedrod.jpg


the fins or ribs in the pic are my motor. you are looking straight down at the motor and speed control rod going into motor base

The motor isn’t flopping around, and seems firmly attached to the motor mount (I checked all the bolts).

The belt is all the way at the bottom of the pulley assembly.


And just now in taking photos I pulled back and forth on the motor to see if I could move it (which I could but only minimally), oiled the pulley connection really well, and the noise seems to have stopped. Just checked and I seem to have tension in the control rod crank again, and the pulley is moving.

I think this may be a case of the press trying to make me look inept on the internet.

Have you greased the centre of the pulley lately? Should be a grease nipple there.