Paul Shniedewend Printers Proof Press

After a trip to the Mystic Seaport print shop, my family and I have had an interest in old wooden handle letter presses. To my surprise, I found one on craigslist and acquired it for little money and a sore back. The press is in really good shape with no visible cracks or repairs.

It is however missing the parts in the middle, I apologize for not knowing the name, that applies pressure once the handle is pulled. It is missing the whole unit, the two knuckles and pins which hold things together.

I am hoping someone can share some insight as to where to find parts or if they have had someone make them.

I appreciate any and all info!



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Where are you located? Can you post a pix of the press so we have some idea of what it is and what might be missing?
Hopefully you won’t be discouraged and we can say - Welcome to Letterpress.

Will post additional pics soon.

image: B1060B64-6612-4EE4-9A77-1D7BDB407226.jpeg


What is missing is the toggle and pins. This press would have the Washington/figure four style. If you could locate an identical press to make measured drawings, you would be in good shape.


I have a number of PPP’s recorded in the North American Hand Press Database among the nearly 100 Shniedewend presses.I could help you contact some owners closer to you, who might be able to help you obtain measured drawings. Alternatively, I have recorded one Washington press on which the upper toggle piece, the more complex and difficult to make, was replaced by a piece of large angle iron, probably a “drop” from a seller or machine shop, with some fairly elementary machining on it. So it is possible.



That would be a tremendous help. Why have this go to waste or the scrap yard!