Hey letterpress folks,

I’m looking for a recommendations for a good die manufacturing company. Affordable, dependable dies and responsive customer service are my priorities.


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For steel rule dies we use Milwaukee Steel Rule Die, for magnesium foil stamping dies we use Owosso Graphic Arts in Owosso MI,
and for copper foil or embossing dies, and brass embossing dies we use E. C. Schultz in Elk Grove Village, IL. We have on occasion bought copper dies from Owosso. All three manufacturers do excellent work.

All of the above are excellent, well established choices. Just to add to the list:
Die cut; Craftmaster in Waukesha Wi. (you may want to look locally. Often die cutting dies need to be modified, and you don’t want to get into that process through Fed Ex or UPS.
Foil & Emboss; Universal Engraving Kansas City
Metal Magic, Phoenix

Thanks Laurie and Eric! I’ve used Owasso and Metal Magic for foil dies but am having some issues with the steel rule die company I was using.

Thanks! xx

both of these steel rule die makers offer good service

Express Die
13075 Park St., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
562.903.1700 T | 562.903.8877 F