how to insert chase without locks

I recently bought a small tabletop sigwalt on ebay. Seller said it is a 6x9 but I think it’s bigger because I have recently bought a 7x10 chase for it that seems to fit perfectly other than the fact that neither press nor chase bed have any indication on how to insert or lock it in place. If anyone knows what I can do if anything to make this work, please share.

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if it fits, then use it .? most presses are measured by “usable/printable” area.

As You imply that a chase fits but is devoid of any means to secure, perhaps on a D.I.Y. basis 2 possible options, improvise/copy our U.K. Adana system(s) I.E. the chases, for 8 x 5 and H.S. 3 M/c,s, are equipped with just 2 steel pegs, inserted into the sides L/R of the verticals of the chase(s)
The pegs locate and slide into corresponding slots machined into the bearer rails for the Inking Rollers, admittedly a little low tech engineering. but hardly Rocket Science.!


Drill, Tap & Thread, the base of the bed and use 2 small LUGS with tiny {upturns} the width of the chase, to bring and locate the chase into position at the bottom, plus Drill, Tap, Thread and fit, one small Lug at the top, to secure the top of the chase, top lug with the ability, or sprung loaded to swing through 45 degrees. ?!?!?

(Author) we have used the above method before, - acquired an English origin AJAX table top, with no chase and no obvious chase retention, acquired a chase and utilised the above, reasonably successfully.
The main reason for the utilising the above was, although the AJAX was a *rip off* of the Adana of the time, it was/is a crude example of Parallel Approach, and is still useful (side by side with the Adana H.S.3) to demonstrate the pros and cons, for Parallel, v Clamshell, trying to help the new Devotees.
Good Luck. Mick. A K A also known as *Rambling Mick* but offered in good faith.

The Sigwalts I’ve seen all have pins inside the tracks mid-way, pointed inward parallel to the bed, and a unique chase with tapered lugs to the sides. The chase is slid behind the pins. Other chases will not work.