ISO Wholesale paper company delivering to NYC

I need to order 3250 A2 Mohawk Superfine envelopes for a customer in NYC. I could have them shipped, but can anyone recommend a local wholesale paper company that would be likely to have these in stock and be able to deliver to NYC? The client requested unprinted envelopes, so it seems wasteful to get them in the SF area and pay for shipping across the country.

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shipping is a secondary cost. getting what you want is primary. “Western States Envelope” ?

Try Announcement Converters or Astro Converters, they’re both available. I think Announcement ships from FL so you’re at least on the same coast.

Give Ed Shulman a call over at Shulman Paper They are in NYC and they stock Superfine, and if they didn’t have this quantity in stock, they work directly with Mohawk, and it would be just a couple days to get them in. Super nice people over there, and are always super speedy.

Also try, you can also purchase them directly through Mohawk’s own site.

Thanks, Bowne Printers! I knew there must be a wholesale source in Manhattan. I will give Shulman a call! Fifteen years ago my previous employer had an office on 21st St. that I often visited, and I didn’t know there was a paper company on the next block!

Thanks to everyone else for the other suggestions as well. On principle, it seems wasteful to buy envelopes that were made in New York, then shipped to California, and ship them back to NYC. Or even via Florida. I did try to buy some Strathmore A2 envelopes from Announcement Converters a few weeks ago, and was told it would be a week before they could get them in stock…


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