Recommendations for “Kiss Cut” label stock

I have a customer that has an existing Kiss Cut die and wants labels cut.
All we are finding have a very thin backer sheet and are also cut for pealing the backer off the back.
Is there an brand recommended that has a heavier carrier sheet so we can cut the label and not the backer?
We will run on a Heidelberg Windmill.
Die is 20 up “hearts” 1-1/2” on 8.5 x 11, sheet center cut .918” steel rule 2 point.
Thank you for you help-

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i have run into this. Where the backing cuts before the front. First off, the die needs to be VERY sharp, if not new. A local die maker here has told me that some rule is better for kiss cutting than others. i can find out if re-ruling the die is an option.
Stay away from “Starliner” or any of the “Crack-Back” sticker stock. the crease where it “Cracks” will often leave a “Knick” in the finished piece. the crack moves around due to sheet cutting thus, impossible to MR for position.
Contact “Neenah Paper” and ask for samples. they will send them out and give names of local suppliers.

Been using 60# Spinnaker Hi Gloss pressure sensitive stock to good results. Get it without splits on the back sheet. We kiss cut on a Miehle V50. We are in Wisconsin and I believe we order direct from Spinnaker. Check out their site; perhaps get some samples, too.

Hope that helps you.

I’m retired but if memory serves me- the trick is all in the pressure/ and packing -A die with 20 hearts is a complex die - if it’s not hitting evenly and you need to bring the pressure up to cut all the hearts, it may be a dull die- and you are playing a pressure and packing game thats going to be nearly impossible to hit the sweet spot. Take your pressure off until no cut at all, then bring it up a tiny bit at a time until you get a kiss cut or at least are able to see where the die in not cutting and you may have to cut and paste your packing to create an even hit.- If this still cuts into the sticker stock backing - the die is probably dull and unable to cut evenly. sorry I don’t know any tricks for a dull die.