Reliance 23 1/4” Lever Cutter

Letterpress friends, with a Challenge 30” powered paper cutter now in my shop, it’s time to sell my trusty ca. 1896 23 1/4” Reliance lever paper cutter.

A link to a photo set here:

Cutter comes with 2 blades and must be picked up in Vancouver, BC, Canada, though optional crating for shipment could be entertained.
Interested parties, please contact me directly, I’ll provide all the answers to questions you may have, pricing, loading details, etc.

Thank you for your consideration.

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image: IMG_0670_v_lt.jpg


image: IMG_0664_h_lt.jpg


image: P1010266_v_lt.jpg


image: Reliance Lever Paper Cutters ad_1896b.png

Reliance Lever Paper Cutters ad_1896b.png