AWT You Must Be Type High Gauge

Howdy all and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Please see images below. Do any of you know what measurement the markings on the scale represent?

Thank you,


image: AWT_TypeHighGuage_3561sm.jpg


image: AWT_TypeHighGuage_3560sm.jpg


image: AWT_TypeHighGuage_3559sm.jpg


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Packing a blanket on an offset press?

My guess would be thousandths of an inch, over or under type high.

Yes. That is a wonderfully accurate type high gauge.
I have one exactly like it and the reading is in thousands of inch and matches perfectly with my paper thickness gauge.

Thank you.

dadofguads2, This device was used on the Island of type,
at their Highschool to measure the thickness of the students
“character”. The 3,6,9,12 are the grade levels for the proper measurements of the students,if you notice there are 3 more
measurements above the 12th grade, thats for students that
did not graduate or had to repeat the 12th grade.
best james

You must be type high to ride this press.