We are wondering about using the 10 x 15 windmill for boxes. Is there a demand for letterpress printed and or foiled boxes. If you make the now, other than size restrictions, what issues have you had.

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if the shape allows itself to be picked up by the feed bar, and it doesn’t catch a flap during the feed, it can work. You may want to all the print/foil work first. Die cut, the fold and glue. any tight register work would require the bottom guides and side guide. thus the flat sheet scenario. die cutting dies are as cheap as the have ever been.
Creasing matrix gives some Windy’s a problem. A 10 x 15 C&P or kluge, if available, might work better. The auto feeders on those can feed so many shapes.

From an original English language version of H/berg operators manual 10 x 15 & 13 x 18, pictured at least 16 monochrome shots of almost every conceivable attachment/ device for feeding irregular shapes on the Platen(s).

Given the request and with a little help (or maybe a lot of help!) could try to post shots on B.P.

But in any case. as the Manual is sewn in sections, will shortly have photocopies made and offer on B. P. and E bay.

Duplicate. Apologies.

Thank you for the feedback

We always started out with a rectangular sheet that had been printed and flood coated — before foiling or die-cutting. We would foil first then diecut & score the box for perfect register.