C&P Impression Issues

Hi all,
I just upgraded to a C&P 10x15 (from a 5x8 Kelsey) and finally got it kind of up and running yesterday. First passes through the press left me with an extremely uneven impression (crisp on the top, nonexistent on the bottom) and I wanted to check with the experts before I started messing with things unnecessarily. Is the adjustment method the same as on my Kelsey, in that I need to adjust the bolts beneath the platen? Thanks in advance!
Also, does anyone know of any printers in the Sacramento area? I’ve been on the hunt to network and have come up empty.

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figure out how much packing you want to use…Then level platen to your liking… it may take some time over different jobs with a well used press….try to run jobs “Center or lower in the press”

I am a printer and printing teacher. My shop is in Concord.
You would be welcome to come and play with me.

We can talk more about bringing your platen parallel to the bed. For now you may wish to add additional packing only on one half of the platen. The form does not know or care if it is the platen that is raised or there is additional packing.

Get some ink on your shirt,

M. A basic and crude *rule of thumb* follows:-
Generally and across the board, from tiny table top M./c,s - up to free standing Treadle Platens in Clamshell format, (Parallel approach is a different animal) !

Again, generally to set the impression bolts initially, we step by step,
(1) back off, (undo) the 4 locking nuts, just the 4 immediately behind the platen, to effectively allow the platen itself to *float*

(2) with 4 exactly type high pieces of Image matter locked into the 4 corners of a chase = Blocks, Plates, Cuts, even 4 large pieces of Poster type, as long as they are identical for height.

(3) pack the platen with nominal packing, usually 2/3 sheets of news-print, 1 sheet of blotting paper !, then Draw-sheet, top sheet, from oiled manilla, waxed paper, acetate sheet, or even brown paper wrapping material, (strong accurate for thickness etc.)

(4) with the chase in the M/c. No Ink No Rollers, bring the machine up to the normal impression position, (which will NOT be of course because the platen will be floating)

(5) gradually and progressively bring the Imp. bolts up to the point where the platen and the packing are making gentle contact with the 4 test pieces, >can be helped by 4 slivers of paper as Feeler gauges<,!! gently tighten the lock nuts, (rear of the platen face) **usually produces the initial starting point for final leveling, normally acquired by trial and error, according to the stock to be used, and known point for top to bottom leveling.
Good Luck. Mick