Showcard Press Pricing

I have a showcard press that has fallen into my lap. I am looking for a someone who has purchased or sold one recently to chime in with appropriate pricing. Well anyone for that matter!

It is a larger press on a stand. I believe it has a floor pedal to release the paper. I bet it could print somewhere around 20 x 26. No blanket or materials outside of the roller and phyiscal machine.

Chime in please if you know a good price to offer. Ithis could be the press that gets me into bigger printing while I keep looking for a Vandercook in my area. (kansas city)


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Here is a bed size update. The person looking to get rid of it says the bed is 22 x 28. Whitch I assume is not the printable area because I would need to find a way to lock in my lino cuts and wood type. I will probably fab up my own lock up bars.

The metal cross bars that the type fits on has been disposed of because they did not know what it was used for.

Anyone with imput on what I should offer. Or what is fair? They are asking $600 right now

I recently sold a Showcard just before I picked up my Vandercook. Mine was far smaller than the one you describe. They are useful little presses but short of a Vandy. I used halved pieces of wood spacing to true up the sides of the showcard, just above the grooved pieces. Maybe I am being cheap, but $600 seems steep to me. I sold mine to a friend for $200. I would try for $400 and see what happens.

Good luck.