Adana HS1 Ink Disk

Can someone please tell me the contact diameter of an HS1 ink disk?

I have an HS1 that I’m restoring but it came without the disk.


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Hi Simontee, lacking an ink disc is quite a common situation and indeed in the larger presses, also lacking a foot treadle. Now whilst I have never had to face this, two options occur to me, one could try Caslon Ltd at St Albans who might just possibly have a spare, Or what about using the techniques of artist sculptors, i.e. borrow one from an existing user(ask the British Printing Society) then latex mouldings ( or maybe plaster perhaps), then one of the strong casting materials and polish truly flat the working face of the result. In the UK the supplier for that sort of stuff is Alec Tiranti Ltd. Truly flat you ask, the key is a piece of modern plate glass aka ‘Float Glass’ and sheets of abrasive paper stuck down on that. .

I checked with Caslon - no longer on the parts list and no info. I have, however worked out by comparing the mechanism with the 5x3 that a disk size of 92-94mm in diameter should do the trick. I believe I will be able to turn the bottom off an old kitchen fire extinguisher on the lathe to make one!

Assuming your ex-fire extinguisher bit is OK, for the front, then what about the toothed circular ring on its back, into which the pecker device drives the disc round, once per impression? I dont myself know the exact right figure for diameter, but the distance between the roller runner wheels ( aka truck wheels) is relevant. Mind you, if your proposed runs are to be very very short, one could push it round. But get inky finger tips …..

No problems - I looked at the press and worked out the diameter of the ratchet and will probably turn a small ring and then file the ratchet teeth into it and attach it to the underside.

The disk is 4” in diameter, there are 18 teeth each 1/4” wide and the outer diameter of the ring of teeth is 2”.

image: disk.jpg