Linotype 8•845?

I’m trying to identify some Linotype Machinery (UK) mats. They are stamped 8♢845, where the diamond I guess identifies it as the UK operations? (Linotype US used a triangle △ from what I can tell.)

It has a single stamped letter on the operator-facing side, but is a two-letter font. I am attempting to get a photo of the mold side.

image: s-l1600.jpg


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The 1958 edition of Linotype & Machinery’s “Linotype Faces Quick-Reference Index” lists 8 diamond 845 as “Ionic 5 & Bold Face 2”. The 8 before the diamond would indicate the point size of the primary face.

It also confirms that “The sign [diamond sign shown]
indicates that the matrices are of English depth and
manufactured by Linotype and Machinery Limited.”

Dr. David M. MacMillan

I have fonts of Estienne that are mixed matrices of American-make (triangle mark) and English-make (diamond mark) and all are American depth. I think both companies had no problem filling international orders.