Cleaning out Shop - Metals

We have closed our print shop. Switched to offset in the early 1980’s, but hung on to most of the letterpress stuff. I have cleaned up lots of galley trays and sorted things. There’s a few hundred pounds of Lino lead. Also, have 6 cabinets of hand type - from 7 pt to 120 pt. I’m trying to find the complete type sets and might scrap the rest.

Can anyone suggest a buyer for the metals and what kind of prices these metals go for per pound? The big fonts (72, 84, 90, 120 pt) would seem awfully costly to find a buyer and ship.

image: Neuland Inline.jpg

Neuland Inline.jpg

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where are you located?

NW Indiana

List them on ebay. They are well worth the shipping cost.

Skip eBay: I’m in Chicago and would be really interesting in Neuland or any other of the complete fonts.

Thanks for the replies. I don’t really care to figure out the eBay gig. I will start gathering more and listing things here.

I know I have that Neuland in a bigger and smaller size.

Any thoughts on the Lino lead? I have about 400 lbs. of it. No spacers or hand type mixed in.

image: font 2.JPG

font 2.JPG

Linotype alloy is sought after by bullet casters. I dunno what current spot price of scrap lead is, but it ain’t cheap these days. Talk to local gun clubs. Most of ‘em have a few old grey-beards who cast lead bullets and they would consider linotype to be a windfall. I only cast lead balls for muzzleloaders as that is what I mostly shoot. 400 pounds of lead would last me the rest of my life… but the empty milk jugs wouldn’t stand a chance!

Shooting jugs is fun. I have some contacts at shooting clubs and bullet makers. Need to find out for sure what the scrap price is for the hand type and spacers. I’m been sorting thru lots and hope that selling full sets of fonts is the better way to go. Some of these fonts weight 36-50 lbs each.

One thing that seems to be a concern about shipping is the ascenders and descenders on type. It seems like these could easily get damaged during shipping.

I’ve been sorting thru lots of type. Many of the drawers had 2, and sometimes 3, fonts in them. (with obvious differences in sizes). Here are some of the sorted fonts, Lots of Baltotype.

72 pt Bodoni Bold Condensed
36 pt Swing Bold
36 pt Onyx
72 pt Brush
18 pt Homewood
36 pt Airport Relief
30 pt Neuland
36 pt Broadway Engraved
24 pt Comstock
96 pt Spartan
72 pt Spartan Condensed

We have about 25 fonts completed. Lots more to get to. I hope to figure some prices and get things listed on Briar soon. Thanks

Well, no real luck on selling the lead for bullets. And that’s a good thing. I’m sure that some of it will end up getting melted, but I’ll keep looking for full or mostly full fonts. There’s a 5 pt Copperplate all the way up to a 120 pt Gothic.

I have some fonts listed here on Briar Press and will continue sorting.

I have a few different fonts that have 3 or 4 different sizes. Like a Park Ave in 36, 18, 14 and 12 pts. It be nice to keep them together. Anybody close enough that would be interested in the fonts as sets? Also, the big fonts and the fancy pants ones (Bank Scrip #1540) seem hard to ship.

Thanks to Briar and the advice I’ve gotten from folks on here.

For what it’s worth I have brought lots of lead scrap to a local metal scrap facility in NY. They have paid anywhere from a low of 30 cents to a high of 65 cents in the last 6 months. Browsing through sales on eBay some buyers have paid $1 or more per pound. Maybe try that route to see what you can get!