Screw hole - what is do

I have new grippers and while scoring some 6 x 7 light card stock I had trouble getting it to release from the rubber. They would hang on and fling like a frisbee into the air. I cleaned of the rubber and adjust the the opening cam but still no luck. I got it to working by sticking a wedge on the end of the stack to prop the paper and knock it off the gripper - strange fix but worked.

OK Now The question - I noticed a screw hole on the inside delivery standard and a round hole on the outside delivery standard. I see parts in the book t1040( support for slide springs for small sheets) and t a1049 slide springs but it does not say what these door where they go. I also found a 1 inch screw in my press box that fit hole. I am wondering if some how there is an attachment that fits here to push the stock off the rubber after the cam opens. I cant figure out what reason these holes are there for.

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Look on page 72 of the operators manual.
There is a bar that screws in and 2 springs that clip onto it.

image: Pg72.JPG


Thanks for the feed back. I had looked at the manual but did not see it. That is exactly what I was looking for.