Vandercook Model 4 / Ink Drum Extraction

Howdy all.

I hope your holidays were family-rich.

I am refurbishing a very dirty Vandercook Model 4 and am at this point considering to remove the ink drum for a good cleaning of it and the bed cavity it occupies. I have removed the pan below the ink drum already.

At this Flickr page:

is a photo of the side of the press bed showing the (locking?) nut and bolt. These are present on both sides of the press. Is there a shaft running through the drum cavity? The manual I have does not show much detail for its removal.

Does anyone have any first-hand experience with removing one? Tips/suggestions/warnings appreciated.

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Maybe my memory of this is wrong, but I think those are studs that hold the shaft proper in place. Inside the ink drum are wooden bearings that rotate on the shaft.

howdy parralel_imp,

I successfully extracted the ink drum today. There was no shaft running through the drum. I shall post process photos when I get it cleaned and reassembled.