Help identifying mini ? letterpress

Hello everyone!

I’m a total newbie to letterpress printing but have been a huge fan and have been wanting to get into it for a while. Luckily for me, I found an ad last week for 3 tabletop letterpresses for a really good deal so I swooped them up. I was able to identify 2 of them being a Kelsey 6x10 and a Craftsmen 6.5x10 but the third I’m stumped on. The seller did not really know either since they were his wife’s presses and she wasn’t there.

I’ve attached the photos of the press. It’s very small and measures only 17” x 9” x 9”. There are no names or branding anywhere on the press. Any clues or help identifying it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


image: IMG-9995.jpg


image: IMG-9996.jpg


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It’s a Line-O-Scribe - see for more info about the two Line-O-Scribe companies

It doesn’t quite fit the mold of a Line-O-Scribe. The roller support mechanism is not like the L-O-S units I have seen, and it has a paper holding tympan which evidently rotates out of the way for inking and paper positioning.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

John, I’d suggest reading through the link I posted. There were two manufacturers making presses called “Line-O-Scribes” - this is not the common Line-O-Scribe manufactured by Morgan Sign Machine Company.

Here’s an additional patent linked in my original post.

Thank you so much for the information and links! I will read through them to try and figure out which one I have.

Platenprinter, thanks for video link. Very cool seeing the press in action!