Tympan bails on a Kelsey


On the larger Kelseys, it looks like the pins which hold the tympan bails are driven in and peened over to hold the bail in place (making it not easily removed). Yes? I’d really like to remove the bails and straighten them up, but don’t want to go down a rabbit hole- grinding off the peening isn’t a problem but if the pins aren’t easily pulled/replaced, its probably not something to tackle now.

Open to other suggestions, too.



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A) Those prob are, peened over a bit, but, with some sharp “wire cutter”pliers, can prob be grabbed and pulled out.
B) The bales are bent? they are prob sposed to be bent in a bit as to overlap or interfere with the platen when trying to close them. This is what keeps them closed, and, tension on your tympan sheet. proper fit should require that they be hit or pushed kinda of, “Downward and away” from the platen the fully seat the bales. use a soft hammer or block of hardwood to tap them into place.

Definitely peened, wasn’t sure if the pins should be removable. I’ll give it more of a pull, it’s probably rusted in.

As for bent… the upper bail closes almost 1/4” out from the platen and is not straight at all; it has to come off for straightening.

ok. “bent out” is not good. you may try opening the bale to 90 degrees to the platen, and use a hammer to strike the bale away from the platen down as close to the pin as possible. IE: glide the hammer across the face of the platen to stike the bale.