Christmas and Chanukah cards

It is time for my annual invitation to you to post your Christmas and Chanukah cards.
I am a good printer, but am not artistic and creative. I enjoy seeing your work as do others.
It is not bragging if you respond to an invitation.
Well, maybe a little. Go ahead.

An early Merry Christmas.


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Two for this year, Going to be adding a mountain background to the Red Bird.

image: 2020ChristmasCards.jpg


Wood engraving on Chinese paper mounted on black card stock.

image: A.D.2020ChristmasCrd.jpeg


David…. too bad Briar Press doesn’t have a “Like” button, since I’d certainly like your post.

It’s good to see that other folks here still carve their own blocks from time to time.

Thank you, Winking Cat…..I’ve had several things done in magnesium, but most of my images are done in Lino. However, on a good day I can get a little lucky with wood engraving although I don’t do enough of it to get good at it.

Here’s one we created for sale in our shop. We haven’t made our own personal one just yet…

(Oh dear, this image got pretty compressed when it posted, not the best to look at.)

image: PGC_happyholidays.jpg


Ditto Winking Cat: I <3 David Brewer’s wood engraving!

Here is the image for my 2020 Advent Calendar, which is still not finished, because this is 2020. Wishing everyone a better 2021!

image: PXL_20201214_230149071.jpg


This was printed from a polymer plate by Boxcar on a Flurry pre-scored blank card and their Flurry text (internal pages). Binding is by waxed linen with a pamphlet stitch. It is more of a chap book, I suppose, than a Christmas card, but I did send several of them out as cards this year. I’m not an especially good printer, but I’m working on it.

Next year’s Christmas story is still gestating in my mind, but potentially it will be The Goblin’s Christmas, or maybe the Gumiho’s Christmas (yeah, we’ve spent much of our spare Covid-19 time watching K-dramas)… anyway, some kinda monster’s Christmas…. though I have a story already written featuring Iva Toguri and a deceased Japanese friend that could become a Christmas story with only a few changes.

I’m curious about something though; how many of you recognize the man on the cover?

image: backcover.jpeg


image: foreword.jpeg


image: titlepage.jpeg


image: cover.jpeg


The Loedengreg Press card for 2020. We had designed a more black humour version, but decided against it out of prudence. We were also planning on reproducing our 1970 card in honour of what would have been my father, Leo’s 100th birthday - he being one of the press’s founders. Alas, there were problems with having the cut made amidst the covid crap, and time ran out. Let’s hope that Rilke’s “things that never were” are a heck of a lot better than 2020’s! Best to all - Denis

image: LoedengregXpmasCard2020.jpg



Nothing says “Christmas ” like Dillinger!

Well, at least one person recognized the dude!

Christmas greetings from the Nickel Plate Press.

image: 2020-christmas.jpg


Thank you for those who posted their work. Very few and I draw an unfortunate conclusion from that.
Get started now for next year and be first in.
Get some ink on your shirt.

Happy New Year


Here is the chapbook I printed for some friends, titled “Goudy’s Last Christmas”. It is a tall tale by the type designer Dave Farey, which I had read some years ago on the old PPLetterpress Yahoo Groups list. It is handset in Kennerley type that appears to have been cast over 100 years ago, and some of it has a pinmark for the short-lived Advance Type Foundry, where Robert Wiebking first cut and cast Kennerley for Frederic Goudy in 1911.

image: Goudys-Last-Christmas-spread-square.jpg


Happy New Year

image: darkness.card_.jpg


I’m posting here to bump the thread to where people can see it and, hopefully, post this year’s holiday work below. Inky is no longer with us, but this was a good tradition and worth carrying on.

Here is what I done for the last 3 years. A Tri-fold calendar with each season having my poetry and art from a local artist. Printed and scored and placed in a matchbook cover.

I also do a New Year’s card.

image: 20221215_172922.jpg


image: 20221120_141544.jpg


image: 20221129_112022.jpg


image: 20221216_115307.jpg


image: 20221216_115233.jpg


image: 20221216_115218.jpg


image: 20221216_115200.jpg



That’s an impressive and clever calendar.
Nicely done!

Best wishes for the Holiday Season.

Michael Vickey
at the Nickel Plate Press

This years holiday card for the museum. Everything was set, proofed, scanned, and then printed from polymer.

Happy Holidays everyone!

image: sssmholiday450.jpg


Our NOEL card.

Nickel Plate Press
Michael Vickey

image: card2-1.jpg


image: card1-1.jpg


That’s delightful!

Here is the annual Norlu Press card and a pic of one of the forms and some of the types for 2022. The silver Stardream Metallic stock made these cards especially festive @TheNorluPress

image: IMG5684.JPG


image: IMG5682.jpg


late late late to the party, but it is before 2024 so its all good…

image: 69489ECA-987F-4B47-9522-8617207C82CA.JPG


I had done this card and accidentally inserted an extra 6-point leading. You can see the arrow in the lock-up. The problem is that I had already printed (400) of the dingbat tree before I noticed it. I asked my wife Jill to rewrite the line at the bottom. We then corrected and reprinted the tree and used the line at the bottom that the clients wanted.

image: 2022-xmas-LG-version-1500.jpg


I have a small supply of 2023 Calendars left. $20 e.ach includes USP

image: 20221216_115200.jpg


image: 20221129_112022.jpg


Giving this thread a bump so people might share their creations!

Merry Christmas to all.
Happy New Year from the Southpaw Printers!

image: peasce on earth card.1.jpeg

peasce on earth card.1.jpeg

Our 2023 Christmas card.

Original woodcut illustration by Peggy Kurtz. Type from Swamp Press Type Foundry and Skyline Type Foundry.

image: IMG_9722.jpg


image: IMG_9726.jpg



Happy holidays! My card features my own snowflakes type in 14 and 18pt plus text cast from foundry mats at Rich Hopkins’ Monotype University 10 in August.

image: 2023holidaycard.jpg


Using Alpha-Blox

image: InsideImage2.jpeg


image: FrontImage.jpeg


Not the best photos, but here is a a two-up Festivus and Hannukah card I printed. I loved how the wood border created a negative space that looked just like a menorah to me. And while it might not be in character to actually send a Festivus card, it still made me laugh to create one and print it for those of us who enjoyed that new holiday Seinfeld gave us. Happy 2024.

image: FestivusHanukkah.jpg


Fantastic! The use of negative space is brilliant, and it really captures the light inside - darkness outside of a menorah set in the window. Spot on!