R Hoe Washington Iron press

We have a R Hoe Washington Iron hand press and need to assess its value. Any ideas of ones that have sold recently? we are restoring this press and will actively use it. thanks for any help!

image: Washington24x35.jpg


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I’ve got two for sale that are priced at $4000.00. I also know where there’s a Cincinnati Typefoundry Washington that can be had for the hauling.
Unfortunately, there’s not much market for iron hand presses.

I can’t offer much additional value suggestion, but I would like to record the press in the North American Hand Press Database, which I keep. It records hand presses of all kinds and vintages located anywhere in North America, presently well over 1200 presses. I do have some records of asking prices in the recent past, if that would help. I would appreciate additional info about your press and its location, which will not be released without your permission. You can contact me through Briar Press.

Bob Oldham, Ad Lib Press

Hello Mr Oldham - I sent you an email as I am not sure how to reply any other way in Briar press. We have three iron presses and would be glad to be part of a census.