Heidelberg feed table stops rising

I’m trying to get my bearings on my Heidelberg Windmill, I’ve mostly used a C&P until now, but I’ve now had some training and a couple courses. In trying to get my paper to run, the feed table seems to rise and pickup sheets just fine until I have about 50-70 sheets left then it stops rising (and stops picking up paper). The lever to raise/lower the table is going around but not pushing on any teeth forward on the wheel. Am I missing a crucial setting?

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I tried attaching a photo and it didn’t work.

There is a lever that controls the speed the table rises. You can adjust the shaft that control the rate of rise and point it tops out. I have mine set to stop at 50 sheets or so and go no higher on purpose. That is not really a bad thing as the tray will never hit the sucker shafts. I put chip board sheets under my paper when I need to feed down to the last sheet.

Western is correct, I have a small lift of card stock, that’s taped together and placed on the feed table. My stock sits on top of that. Cut to the exact size of the job you’re running.


Perhaps I’m wrong and this is not your case … But I think I had something similar.
At that time, I could not achieve uniform operation of the lifting table. Then I experimentally adjusted this detail (see the picture) and everything worked as it should! This part is unscrewed on and regulates the operation of the pusher.

image: 11.PNG