Rider Roller on Heidelberg Windmill

I’m trying to attach the rider roller that came with my press, but I’m not sure if I’m putting it on right? There’s a pretty substantial gap between the roller carriage (if that’s the correct name for it) and where the roller attaches. The manual drawing isn’t very detailed so I’m not sure how exactly it’s supposed to look.

And follow up to that, do I need to remove the rider when the press is not in use to prevent the rubber rollers from getting a flat spot?

image: IMG_0083.jpg


image: IMG_0079.jpg


image: IMG_0080.jpg


image: IMG_0082.jpg


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try tapping one or both ends out of the bearing a bit. might be stuck in place but it should move, albeit snugly. Worst case, add a washer in there

image: WindmillRiderRoller.jpg



I can’t tell for sure from the picture but I think you have the T bracket in wrong. I slide the box portion into the box slot but the longer tabs on the left and right 90% turn from where you are, your tabs appear top to bottom. I may be doing it wrong but my roller will slide up and down left and right in the slot channel and I tighten the nut when I have and position I want.

Pretty good eye there Western, I believe you are correct. But,,, corrections that wouldn’t close up the gap there. One or both of the ends need to slide out a bit.

in photo 0080 the bracket looks to close to the end of the roller. Since the bracket is pinned to the roller I am wondering if the roller shaft and brackets are loose or free flowing when they should not be.

Thanks Eric, I’ll try tapping it.

western, which part is the t bracket?

It is the t shaped part that is in front of the rider roller bracket. The raised part fits in the slot and screw attaches to the back holding the bracket in place.

Thanks for pointing that out. I was wondering why the bracket wasn’t fitting in that slot.

Do I have to take the rider off every time it’s not in use to prevent a flat spot on the rollers?

no. you should be able to loosen, then slide it up and tighten. Doesn’t need to be much

ok, great. Thanks for all the advice!