Studio floor

I’m fixing up my garage - main thing is get it insulated as I’m getting rust on my press. The current floor is concrete slab - just wondering whether to put engineered wood floor over the top or leave it concrete?
What floor do you all have?
Thinking wood will be nicer looking and help insulate it a bit, but worried about weight of press and multiple type cabinets on wood floor. I’d really appreciate any thoughts thank you

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Put plastic over your insulation to keep out humidity humidity.

Moisture will go right through an unsealed concrete floor, so you have to stop that somehow. Maybe use a good quality epoxy coating, or put down an underlayer of heavy polyethylene film, at least 6 mil., and seal it to the walls at the edges

For the floor, what I did was put down 2x10 floor joists 12 inches on center, and then 2X6’s laid flat for flooring. That would be expensive except that I got mine from an old mill building that was being taken down.

Garage floors are usually slightly sloped so that any water dripping off a car will drain out by gravity. When I put down my 2X10 floor joists, I shimmed them so that the floor was level.

You could insulate under the floor, but keep in mind that you might get mice which can make a smelly mess of nests, which you may not be able to get to, to clean out. So, try to seal all openings and cracks because mice can get into very small openings. This goes for the walls and ceiling too.

And yes, as Theo says, put plastic over the insulation before installing the wallboard on the interior walls and ceiling.

I used a garage floor paint, grey color. Looks good, sealed the concrete. Can still be scuffed by equipment though. I don’t see a need for a wood floor. I hired a handyman to insulate the walls & ceiling. I used wood paneling on the walls. I used a garage door insulating kit from Amazon. I’m in Fort Wayne Indiana so we get a lot of harsh weather—no problems so far. I also installed a window which I highly recommend for any garage. Helps with sunlight, fresh air, and attitude. I just finished a 300k print run, so the shops a bit untidy.

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bppayne, looks nice.

I’d either paint the floor or set down some hard-service floor tiles (but the paint will be cheaper). Get a dehumidifier if it’s still bad after that. (And depending on where you are, you might need to -add- humidity in the winter.)

Geoffrey also has a good point- either make sure the floor is flat and level or specifically level the press; tilting one direction isn’t bad (if the floor is flat but not level), what you really don’t want one support being higher/lower than the plane formed by the others.