Selling old printing equipment

I have some old machinery that I am wanting to sell. It belonged to my father, who had his own printing business for 20 years. I have included pictures of the items. If you are interested or have any questions, I would be glad to try and answer them. These are located in Kansas City, MO. Any reasonable offers will be considered. Thank you.

image: WireFedStapler.jpg


image: WireFedStapler2.jpg


image: Linotype.jpg


image: Linotype2.jpg


image: LinotypeFontCassettes.jpg


image: GuillotinePaperCutter.jpg


image: PaperCutter.jpg


image: FoilStamper.jpg


image: FoilStamper1.jpg


image: CornerRounder.jpg


image: CornerRounder2.jpg


image: Camera1.jpg


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‘them’ would like to see some pictures, please.

And please tell us the location of the items.

I apologize about the pictures not on here. I’m not able to get the images to load. I’m trying to figure out why it isn’t loading the pictures.

lower the resolution, and title them with just letters and no symbols or spaces. save them as jpg.

You can also upload them to a public photo sharing site like imgur or photobucket and paste the link here.

ericm Thank you for the advice on resizing the pictures so I can post them.

rmartinez - See the Help pages in the gray bar at the top right of the pages.

The problems you’re experiencing are due to our antiquated image uploader. For best results, photos should be 450px in width or less, and around 50 KB (that’s only 5% of 1 MB). Resizing to a 450px width usually produces a photo that is in the ballpark of 50 KB.

We are working on Briar Press Version 6, so we can not spend more of our time on Version 5.

Thanks for your patience.


Elizabeth Nevin
Briar Press

I tried to send an email trhu website, doesn’t appear to have gone thur. Interested in the Linotype and any mags, etc.

Can you send me an email? euclid ffd (at) hotm ail. com

Thanks Marshall

Hi, is this equipment still available?