Tabletop guillotine cutter

Hi all - dragged a 19” tabletop cutter out of a damp basement today. Few questions…

Tips on cleaning? Will be bringing both blades to industrial sharpening place shortly. Top surface is a bit rusty.

Also - how stiff are these to move? It does move up and down, though with a bit of resistance - presume this is so it won’t fall on anyone’s fingers.

It has a band system underneath the table to dial the “rake” closer or further from the blade, and its frozen. WIll be working on that next, and any advice on that appreciated as well!


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Never assume anything with a cutter. A dull blade can still cut your hand off. You only get one chance to make a big mistake. There may be blade removal tools with the cutter. If this is all manual operation cutter the removal may be different than an electrical cutter. If you have clearance put a 4 x 6 or large block under each blade end. Based on the model look for instructions on line. It is also possible the back gage is rusted to the bed. Oil everything that will move and even the bed. There is also a spray oil AeroKroil I use. I find it better than WD 40 as it does not leave a film. Once everything has a good layer of oil let it set and see if you can begin to get the back gage to move, little by little back and forth. I use a little oil and a good steal wool or fine grit metal sand paper should get the surface rust off. You are not trying to grind the surface down just remove the rust. This should be steel bed and they don’t make them like they use to.

Thanks! I have the blade removed - excellent tips. Fortunately came with two blades.

There is an adjustment wheel on the front that is rusted shut - will disassemble and with some effort im sure i can get it loose! Sort of an odd strap system - needs some attwntion!

Cheers jack

Trying also to identify this particular model.

The front adjustment wheel is parallel to the bed — not perpendicular is in most C&P bench cutters!

Imagine these are usually gear driven and not strap adjustments?


Not sure what type cutter this is, it might help to know. The wheel may be attached to a long screw rod that runs the back gage. There may be a lock screw or handle that tightens once the gage has been turned to the right spot and that is what is keeping the handle from turning and the back guage lock in place during use. There will be bearings in the front and back of the rod that my also be frozen Not sure what you mean by strap system. My cutter has a tape measure strap that shows where the back gage is, sort of like a ruler.

Post a picture. Maybe someone will recognize it.

I posted a pic on a new thread thanks all!